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Biodegradable EVA Plastic

Sustainability Illuminated at Llum BCN 2023

At Llum BCN, one of Barcelona’s most significant cultural events, the fusion of art, light, and sustainability comes to life through the works of Maurici Ginés. As a co-author of a permanent interactive light installation that adorns the Disseny Hub’s esplanade, Ginés takes his creativity a few steps further to the Westfield Glòries shopping centre, where he creates a unique experience. In this blog post, we will explore how the artwork “Light of Love” combines art and sustainability using EXPAFOL’s Biodegradable EVA Plastic. Targeted towards businesses searching for sustainable technical materials, they will discover how this collaboration at Llum BCN 2023 highlights the versatility and environmental commitment of Biodegradable EVA Plastic.

A Meeting of Art and Renewed Aesthetics

Maurici Ginés, known for his prominent participation in Llum BCN, seizes the opportunity to work in the renovated space under the renowned aesthetic of Mariscal at the Westfield Glòries shopping centre.

The “Light of Love” artwork centres around a large-scale sculpture installed by the iconic designer as a welcoming element. Using fabrics that contain interactive lighting, Ginés creates a unique light art experience. The structure wrapped in Biodegradable EVA Plastic becomes a luminous skin that pulsates and reacts to the presence of individuals who choose to immerse themselves in it.

Sustainability that Beats with Intensity

The choice of Biodegradable EVA Plastic for the “Light of Love” artwork emphasizes Ginés and EXPAFOL’s commitment to sustainability. This material, manufactured by EXPAFOL, stands out for its natural degradation capability, reducing environmental impact.

Using Biodegradable EVA Plastic in the light installation offers an impressive aesthetic experience and promotes respect and care for our surroundings.

Interaction that Drives the Artwork’s Heartbeat

“Light of Love” becomes a participatory experience as people enter its luminous skin. The more individuals seek shelter and immerse themselves in the sculpture, the more vibrant the pulsating light becomes.

This interaction between the audience and the artwork creates a special connection where light and sound intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. At selected times, the installation is accompanied by the thematic music “Love is in the air,” provided by a DJ, further intensifying the emotional connection and the pulsation to the rhythm of the music.

Art, Sustainability, and Biodegradable EVA Plastic

Maurici Ginés’ “Light of Love” artwork at Llum BCN 2023 highlights the fusion of art, sustainability, and technical innovation. The choice of EXPAFOL’s Biodegradable EVA Plastic underscores the commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.

This collaboration showcases how Biodegradable EVA Plastic can transform into a versatile and environmentally-friendly artistic tool. If your company seeks to acquire biodegradable EVA plastics for technical use, do not hesitate to explore EXPAFOL’s options and discover how you can contribute to a more sustainable future through your technical projects.

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